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CHRISMAS °!! Date: Dec 20th @ 9:54am EST
hi guys
in this time I really want you to send me my best wishes I will spend this Christmas alone and you are my closest friends so I hope we will spend it together with different activities and doing fun things remember to follow me and make your special requests
Merry Christmas
day of mall center Date: Apr 26th @ 9:59pm EDT
Everything started a day of shopping, I felt like having sex, I have a gay contacts application that never materialized anything with anyone, but this time everything seemed to be different, I was already in the parking lots about to retire from that one Mall when I decide to enter the application where I contact a guy who apparently from the photo he sent me should have been 24 years old white tall Slim and manly like me, we chatted for a while and he tells me that he was in a bathroom of almost 5 floors More of where I was, with something morbid and at the same time fear me arme of courage and I climbed the elevator, and he had told me in what bathroom was, when I arrived I was surprised to see that the cubiculo a were totally reserved since they were not left To see people's feet and the door came almost to the ceiling, I went to a urinal and that's when a boy comes to me, and then we look at him was a handsome boy with a profiled face, tall white man and "yeyesito" (in me Country we tell you Yes to the refinaditos) was about 25 years old, the boy stopped urinating and prepared to wash our hands our looks of lust and excitement were evident we continued to see in the mirror, I was so excited that I beckoned him to come and I let him see my cock that was already erect from the morb that caused me the situation, see his face, see how he bit his lower lips and how those little eyes closed as if enjoying a sweet fruit

His face of pleasure, lust and mischief, I was never erased, such was my excitement that I decided to get away from the urinal and my erection would not even allow me to put my cock in my pants, as I could put it in my pants and it was noted The exited person I was I beckoned to that handsome boy to enter with me to a cubicle, without thinking he followed me, to my surprise the chicho carried a drink in his hand, apparently he was in the middle of an event, when he put his I swallowed up the toilet quickly did not jump on my cock that had already left uncovered, crouched and there I had that yeyesito who knew how to do it very well was put my cock that was already lubricated enough in his mouth licked his tongue from the Testicles to the head woaaaao was something so rich to feel his mouth moist perhaps for the drink he was wearing was somewhat cold, was a professional mamandola made him so rich that mixed with adrenaline and fear of being discovered I did I said I had no condom, I did not let him think it over and without taking my cock out of his mouth I took out a condom and I said I have one, I immediately got ready to Open it while he was still stuck to me doing the best he knew, he separated from me and without thinking he lowered his pants to his knees I put it on 4 letting me see that beautiful white ass marked a rosadito year

Immediately I moistened my fingers with saliva and raised my shirt up half-back and I inserted one and two fingers to lubricate it with saliva, remove my fingers and with one hand I opened the buttocks and with the other I directed my cock to that rich hole that Already throbbing with hunger for cock I put his head and grab him around the waist and push it almost suddenly that richer feeling there I had a boy at my mercy enjoying his rich ass that despite not being very closed the morbid To do it for the first time in a bath and to see how I enjoyed each stroke with which made him feel the best of the pleasures made me get more excited and with an in and out speeding up the grab by the waist and seeing his face of pleasure I was On the verge of coming, but I decided to continue enjoying this moment of those moments that are not repeated and that when they appear you have to take advantage of them, that moment that I was very exited to see how I entered and exited my cock of that hole already almost red Of the thrusts I was giving him when I accelerated the pace I felt again that I came and I did it faster to push it with more strength and to come to me Ohhh it was a moment and an unforgettable experience, at that moment he was coming and I saw the amount Of milk that threw to the toilet paper with which it was being cleaned take out my condon and to retire it dropped in his pants some of my milk of the amount that I take with his rich butt, throw the condon to the toilet clean my dick that still dripped milk And as I was able to keep my cock erect in my pants and retire, the good was enjoyed the bad thing I left there afraid to be discovered and without asking a contact, I hope to see him again someday.

I left that bathroom and while I waited for the elevator to go down I could see how with a happy face and having made a cum, he was going to the room of his event.

The guy in the application and the one who freaks me out, even the sun today for me were not the same person.

I hope you like my story.
Fiery day Date: Apr 8th @ 4:47pm EDT
Today I wake up very early, while I brush my teeth and wash my face, my nose picks up a very delicious smell and when I go out to look or surprise it was my friend who sleeps in the next room preparing a rich breakfast , But while watching for a few minutes notice that I had a difficulty, I could not find an itch as an onion then I approached him and I offered help and he accepted. I told him to let me guide his hands and I stood behind him, took him by the hands and began to explain but note something very strange while he explained and was that his hip had a very peculiar movement, moved slowly from front to back and That way I managed to make my limb very hard we were silent for a while and suddenly I felt his hand begin to touch me slowly the limb was rubbing very slowly making me wet too much at the moment turned around, we stare and kissed, in that Moment my hands began to caress his big and round back my penis became more and more hard, I felt that I wanted to explode and just the moment I started to lower my underwear they touched the door, we asked who is and oh surprise Was a friend of my friend who came to breakfast to go to work we had to leave everything there But we promised to finish what was left.
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